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This page contains information on opening hours, prices, booking tickets, food and drink, accessibility, and so on.

If you have any questions, please look first at our FAQ page. If you are still unable to find an answer, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

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For answers to frequently asked questions on Domain Bokrijk and the Open-Air Museum, please refer to the answers below.


Are there any internal regulations in 'The Sixties'?

Yes, to keep things running smoothly, there is a list of rules. By visiting, visitors automatically accept these rules. The rules are displayed by the entrance to 'The Sixties'.

'The Sixties’ Rules
• Animals are not allowed in 'The Sixties'.

• Prams must be left at the entrance.

• Non-profit organisation Domain Bokrijk is not liable for theft or vandalism.

• If you have not printed out your admission ticket, this can be done in the Information Centre at a cost of € 1.00 per booking.

• There are 20 lockers at the entrance where small personal belongings can be left.

• All the facilities required for wheelchair users are provided.

• Picnics are not permitted in 'The Sixties'.

• There is no fixed route in 'The Sixties', visitors are free to plan their visit as they see fit.

• It is not necessary to reserve admission tickets for children under 3 years.

• Eating and drinking is not allowed in the exhibition rooms.

• There are toilet facilities in 'The Sixties'.

• Smoking is not permitted in the exhibition rooms.

* If you use a free ticket or discount card (for example season ticket holders to Antwerp Zoo / Planckendael etc.), online booking is not possible and you have to buy admission tickets to 'The Sixties’ in Bokrijk on the day of your visit (subject to availability).

Is 'The Sixties' in Bokrijk a permanent exhibition?

It certainly is, ‘The Sixties’ have come to Bokrijk to stay.

Can I combine my visit to 'The Sixties' with a visit to the Open-Air Museum?

Yes, a visit to 'The Sixties' always includes admission to the Open-Air Museum.

Are there special deals for groups?

Yes, please click here for more information or call +32 (0)11 265386

Is smoking permitted in the Open-Air Museum?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Open-Air Museum, except when sitting on the terraces of the various cafes and restaurants.

This information is posted at the ticket office.

Can my kids ride their bikes around the Open-Air Museum?

In generally cycling is not permitted in the museum, but for children under 1.2 m tall we are pleased to make an exception. Children may therefore use kids’ bikes and scooters in the museum, although they must be supervised by an adult.

Are dogs allowed in the Open-Air Museum and 'The Sixties' exhibition?

The Open-Air Museum: Dogs are allowed in the Open-Air Museum and Domain free of charge, but must be kept on a leash.

'The Sixties': For hygiene and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed in this museum section, except for guide dogs. There are kennels (unsupervised) at the entrance of 'The Sixties' where your dog can be left while you visit the museum.


Which of the 'Branded by Bokrijk’ products are for sale?

The following items can be bought at the Information Centre:

  • Branded by Bokrijk leather purse - DIY kit: € 14.50
  • Branded by Bokrijk by Kuppens and Wuytens - DIY kit: € 37.50
  • Branded by Bokrijk by Kuppens and Wuytens - assembled: € 37.50


Where can I pay with Bancontact in Bokrijk?

You can always pay with Bancontact in Bistro Koetshuis, St. Gummarus, Egt. The Slow Bakery and the Information Centre, as well as in the museum shops, ‘The Sixties' and in the Kempen. Photos by the Bokrijk photographer can also be paid for by debit card.

Is there an ATM in Bokrijk?

No, there is no ATM in Bokrijk. At the Information Centre at the entrance of the museum, you can pay using Bancontact, but only for tickets and season tickets, not to withdraw cash. Bancontact can also be used for payment in a number of places.


I lost something during my visit, what should I do?

Lost items are collected by the park police, who can be found at the rear of Bokrijk Information Centre (Car park 1). You can collect lost objects every day between 10:00 and 18:00.

You can contact the park police at +32 11 265 320.


Where can I lodge complaints or ask questions?

For general questions, please send an email to

For questions regarding ordering tickets online, please send an email to

For complaints, please send an email to


Is the entrance at Car park 2 always open?

Yes, the entrance at car park 2 is always open, as is the car park itself (except on Mondays in months other than July and August, or if the Monday is also a public holiday).

What is the most economical way to park in Bokrijk?

Bokrijk has a discount card available which allows excellent rates.

  • Car park card valid for 5 sessions: € 10
I come with a camper. Can I stay overnight on the parking lot?

We would like to inform you that you can park on parking 1 and parking 2 with the camper.
Unfortunately it is not allowed to stay there overnight. Here you will find some campsites near Bokrijk.

An alternative is possible at the Sint-Jan-Baptist Square (at the church) , 3600 Genk (Boxberg) located in - 3km outside Bokrijk.


Can I rent a bicycle in Bokrijk?

Yes, reserve your bike online.

Keys can be collected at the Information Centre (opposite Car park 1, Kasteel).

The price is € 10 per bike.

Please note: cycling in the Open-Air Museum is not allowed.

Is there a bicycle shed in Bokrijk?

Yes, there are facilities for bicycles in both Car park 1 and Car park 2. Please be aware that these are not guarded.


Are there baby changing tables and accessible toilets?

All the public toilets in the Open-Air Museum have an accessible toilet and baby changing table. The toilets in the playground and toilets opposite the Koetshuis have the same facilities.

Can I visit the Open-Air Museum and ‘The sixties’ in a wheelchair?

The Open-Air Museum is wheelchair accessible, although some paths are cobbled. The Sixties is accessible to wheelchair users, and has special facilities for them. Wheelchairs are available free of charge at the ticket office. 

Can visitors borrow wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs can be borrowed free of charge at the ticket office, subject to availability. You can also call the information centre on +32 (0)11 265315 to reserve wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are free between 9:00 and 17:00. Report to the information centre (car park 1 opposite Kasteel). You will be asked to hand in your ID in exchange for the wheelchair.

Are prams allowed in 'The Sixties'?

Yes, prams are allowed in the Open-Air Museum. In The sixties, prams must be left in the designated area. Bokrijk cannot be held liable in the event of any theft, loss or damage.

Does 'The Sixties’ offer wheelchair access?


I've lost my Bokrijk season ticket, what can I do?

No problem. If you lose or damage your season ticket, or it is stolen, you can request a replacement in the Information Centre, subject to a fee of € 25 (per family, grandparent or individual season ticket). You will then be given your new season ticket, admission tickets, as well as a full quantity of parking tickets.

If you can provide official proof from an institution such as the police of theft, the € 25 fee is waived and a free replacement season ticket will be issued.

Is admission free to 'The Sixties' for the partners’ season ticket holders?

Our partners’ season ticket holders, which mainly concerns those of Antwerp Zoo, receive 50% discount on admission prices to the Open-Air Museum, but not to 'The Sixties'.

Do season ticket holders get free access to 'The Sixties'?

Yes, season ticket holders get unlimited free admission tickets (except for certain events and exclusive reservations).

However, please remember that they must be booked in advance. If you use a free ticket or discount card (for example teacher’s card, season ticket holders Antwerp Zoo / Planckendael etc.), online booking is not possible and you have to buy admission tickets to 'The Sixties’ in Bokrijk on the day of your visit (subject to availability).


Are there any online booking fees?

No, tickets purchased online cost the same as tickets bought at the ticket desk, there are no booking fees.

For which period can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets that are valid for the period from May 2nd to November 2nd 2020.

I have a discount coupon, can I use it to buy tickets online?

No, your coupon cannot be used online, but you can use it at the ticket desk.

Can I exchange tickets bought online?

No, we regret that tickets cannot be exchanged or returned.

I do not have a printer, how can I print my tickets?

After completing all the order stages, you receive a confirmation email. You can print this out on somebody else’s printer, or at a later date.

I am entitled to a discount (because of season ticket, discount coupon, Family Union, etc.), so can I buy tickets online with this discount?

Discounts can only be used at the ticket desk, and cannot be used online.

Can I buy an unlimited number of tickets?

Yes, you can buy an unlimited number of tickets (15 people or more can form a group entitled to a group discount).

As a teacher, can I book online with a discount?

To be able to enjoy your discount you have to buy your tickets at the box office. Online you can not buy tickets with this discount.

Can I give tickets purchased online as a gift?

Yes, if you give the printed ticket as a gift, the recipient can gain admission.