Kids can have creative fun and learn something at the same time in many ways in Bokrijk. For example, if a party animal wants to have his or her birthday party for all their friends, there are three different programmes to choose from. The Easter and summer holidays are also times that kids can look forward to, because they can attend the children's camps organised by Bokrijk and Idee Kids with wow factor guaranteed! As for the enormous free outdoor playground, it’s the perfect way to complete a perfect day in Bokrijk.


Playground special attractions

Other attractions in Bokrijk include miniature golf and driving mini-cars!


If the kids fancy their chances as Formula 1 drivers, let them have fun practising first at their own level in the mini-cars on the track! 3,2,1... they’re off!

Miniature golf

Try out your skills as a golfing superstar in our great miniature golf course.