With Branded by Bokrijk (BKRK), Bokrijk is developing Kempen craftsmanship in the museum section in a contemporary way, calling on expertise from several different quarters. So, BKRK Textile is also a story of cooperation with different partners.

The historical project bureau Geheugen Collectief, working in collaboration with the Bokrijk project team, conducted an extensive study into the historical context of textiles in rural Kempen between 1850 and 1920. Frieda Sorber from Fashion Museum Antwerp and Jenny Jacobs from Fashion Museum Hasselt contributed in many ways, including determining the items to include and presenting the Bokrijk clothing collection. Until 22 October 2018, visitors to Fashion Museum Hasselt could enjoy a first impression of the exhibition “DO YOU REMEMBER?”, thanks to a temporary installation. Technical partners such as Deltalight among others were attracted to join.

The city of Genk started a social artistic project, titled TEKstiel, in collaboration with Rimo, Stebo and Wijkontwikkeling (Neighbourhood Develoment), and led by product designer Linde Hermans and textile designer Sofie Hermans. The aim is to bring people together who work with different textile crafts (old and new, Flemish and multicultural). The TEKstiel group made 100 aprons (child and adult models), which both teachers and visitors wear during the Bokrijk Textile Workshop (upcycling Bokrijk fabrics).

 Bokrijk also wants to support the heritage of craftsmanship in Flanders into the future. That is why the museum created CRAFTS. For example, in the context of textile heritage, there is a conference on the Flemish textile network at Bokrijk in June.