Experience is a central theme at the Open-Air Museum, and that applies to individual visitors as well as schools and groups, young and old. So, when elaborating our handling of the textiles craft, we opted for a permanent programme supplemented with a number of temporary initiatives.

Bokrijk offers groups, companies and schools a customized workshop pathway titled ‘Itchy fabrics’. Participants will discover the different aspects of fabrics and become familiar with the cycle from sheep to wool. In addition, individual museum visitors can make their own unique printed tote bag or backpack in the Oevel workshop barn during one of the daily textile workshops. The brand new Workshop+ textile offers those with deeper passion for textiles an in-depth workshop titled ‘Weaving Jewelry’ on 17 May, 21 October and 18 November, by reservation only.

During the Bokrijk Summer Festival, professional Martine Geladi shows different weaving techniques, and on 6, 7 and 8 July, visitors can bring their own white textiles, from t-shirts to kitchen towels, and print those using templates. And Fashion Museum Antwerp is yet another a guest contributor at Bokrijk, presenting its workshop titled "Soft Textile Collages to Kiss" on 11 July and 15 August, from 10 am until 6.00 pm.

VAKLAB (Craft lab), the knowledge and expertise centre on craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, is organizing ‘TIPS FROM THE TEXTILE MASTER’ in collaboration with MIA-H. Master Anita Evenepoel teaches eight professionals the tricks of the trade regarding processing synthetic materials. There are theory sessions on 21 June from 6.30 pm until 9.30 pm in VAKLAB, and practical workshops on 26 and 28 June from 1.00 pm until 5.00 pm in MIA-H, Hasselt. Masters Anita Evenepoel and Tine De Ruysser also teach “Creative handling of techniques - synthetic materials” in theory sessions on 20 November from 6.30 pm until 9.30 pm in VAKLAB, and practical workshops on 27 and 29 November from 1.00 pm until 5.00 pm in MIA-H, Hasselt. You can register at