After a successful series of previous BKRK – awards, such as Leather processing, Ceramics, Timber and Bread baking, we turn to textiles in 2019.
The BKRK-award focuses on craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. It is possible to apply with any products, services, researches… that represents authentic craftsmanship in use, technology, materials and durability. Sustainability, upcycling, new business models… are some of the trends that attract our attention. Also, initiatives with cross-sectoral partnerships focusing on such trends offer great potential. Please note that you can only apply with a product or project that is not yet commercialized.

All submissions will be assessed by our expert jury members: Belgian renowned fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen; CEO of Veralin Ilse Dedeken; Managing director of Flanders DC Pascal Cools and Ruth Goossens, chief editor for Knack Weekend.

The registration period ends April 21st. All selected participants will be able to meet the BKRK-jury, Monday May 20th. Finally, three nominees will receive the opportunity to announce their product/project in Knack Weekend.

More information and registration via http://www.bkrkaward.be/