BKRK Award

In 2014, in line with the BKRK vision, Bokrijk launched a leather contest for both young designers and established experts. The contest assignment was to develop an object from daily life and to show the craftsmanship in all its facets. A contemporary approach, adapted design, economic feasibility, durability and a reference to an authentic production method are the key the factors. The jury with craftspeople from various fields including Peter Vavedin (Schoenen Ambiorix), Michaël Verheyden (designer) and Veerle Windels (fashion journalist) assessed the entries, each basing the evaluation on his or her own expertise.

The three laureates of the contest are:

1st prize: O-binder - Margot Declerck (1993, from Herne)

A leather strap, intended for bundling all sorts of cables. A simple design with a clever connection between workmanship and technology. Founded as a new application for leather residues, sustainability is a central theme for this design.

2nd prize: Frisbee - Filip Cappoen and Paul Devriendt (respectively 1971, from Dendermonde and 1984, from Asse)

This Frisbee, made completely of leather, is an unusual application of leather craftsmanship and a potential BKRK high-flyer. This Frisbee turns a banal toy article into a luxurious and refined item. And even if it is a toy, it is now a rather exclusive ‘toy for hipsters’.

3rd prize: Toy car - Caroline Gielen (1979, from Hasselt)

An archetypal car, fully moulded from leather. The designer managed to reduce three models of toy cars to their essence. Craftsmanship in children's size.

Motivated by this BKRK contest, designer duo Kuppers & Wuytens designed the cardholder, inspired by a classic money pouch.

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