BKRK Award

In 2015, Bokrijk launched the second in the series, a contest aimed at young designers and established experts. Following the leather contest, CERAMICS was the central theme this time. The contest assignment was to develop an object from daily life and to show the craftsmanship in all its facets. A contemporary approach, adapted design, economic feasibility, durability and a reference to an authentic production method are key the factors. A jury with professionals from various fields reviewed the submissions. The Bokrijk Museum shop is constantly building a product range carrying the BKRK label, and linked to craftsmanship. The winning design of this contest gains a place in that product range.

The three laureates of the contest are:

1st prize: No-spoon - Stijn Schauwers (1977, from Geel)

A waltzing espresso cup, characterized by its spherical bottom underside, which makes a spoon superfluous for mixing coffee with milk or sugar.

2nd prize: Belmar - Liane Castermans (1990, from Genk)

Belgian and Moroccan culture combined in a service of crockery. Multi-culture on a small scale and served deliciously.

3rd prize: (Kl)EI - Sylvie Van de Walle (1978, from Waarschoot)

A glue-it-yourself egg as a symbolic envelope for what is dear to us.

Following this BKRK contest, Peter Stockmans designed a Porcelain geSCHENK-kom (pouring bowl).

See the full ceramics magazine here.

The No-spoon cups and the Belmar bowl are available in our shop.