Local grains

The ‘Bokrijk Superette’ works with local growers, such as Pieter Coopmans, Frans Beckers and Rudy Vermeer. After all, the ‘short chain’ in the supply of ingredients is a key focal point. Grains that include wheat, rye and spelt that are all local to the Kempen and that are stone-ground in the nearby Stevoort grain water mill are all part of the package. Kobe Desramaults has been committed to the food preparation and production processes for quite some time now. He undertook initiatives to make people more aware of what they are eating, where they buy food from, and the role farmers and production methods play. In its museum function, Bokrijk was already working on growing obsolete grains. These grains are organically grown. Yet, the collaboration with the ‘Superette’ demonstrates that all craftsmanship involved in baking traditional bread is still relevant today, and will continue to be so in the future.

As of 15 July meal and flour will be on sale in the Bokrijk museum shop: spelt, rye and wheat. Prices:

BKRK wheatmeal € 2,50/kg and wheat flour € 3,00/kg
BKRK speltmeal € 4,50/kg and spelt flour € 5,50/kg
BKRK ryemeal € 3,00/kg