The World of Bruegel

‘The World of Bruegel’ is a top level exhibition of the 16th century painter Pieter Breugel de Oude’s works, which will be a guest event at the Bokrijk Open-Air Museum in 2019. Bokrijk is one of the leverage projects that will revive the legacy of the Flemish master Bruegel in Flanders. Toerisme Vlaanderen presents the well-known Flemish Masters as an enticement to international visitors to Flanders, the cradle of these artists.

Various buildings, objects and attributes that you can see in Bokrijk seem to have stepped right out of Bruegel's works. This is the starting point for development of a surprising museum concept that is fully in line with the philosophy of ‘Branded by Bokrijk’ (BKRK). Starting from the here and now, Bokrijk aims to approach our heritage and past in a contemporary way, while emphasizing the contemporary relevance of the artist. The visitors will be completely immersed in Bruegel's oeuvre and life during their visit to Bokrijk. To that end, we will collaborate with the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Vienna Art History Museum), which houses the world's largest Bruegel collection. The expo about Bruegel in Bokrijk opens from April 2019.