Research centre

Bokrijk Open-Air Museum’s mission is to collect, manage, investigate and open up Flanders’ cultural, scenic and natural heritage - a collection of historical buildings, authentic artefacts, living heritage and an unending number of rituals, techniques, practices and rich experiences. Other core tasks of the Open-Air Museum include the preservation and restoration of the historical homes and revealing documentation.

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The documentation centre, which includes a library, archive and photo archive, is open to anyone interested in topics related to the Open-Air Museum. The focus is on the culture of everyday life.As long as the museum exists, books and magazines in the library are being updated, with the principal aim being to build up a collection. Currently, this literature is mainly used as research material. Both museum staff and people from outside the museum can consult the libraries archives.

The photo archive contains pictures of various landscapes, village scenes, historical buildings from all over Flanders, buildings in Flanders, buildings in the Open-Air Museum (dismantlement and reconstruction), and so on. The collection was begun by the first curator, Joseph Weyns (1913-1974). There are also detailed sequences of photos of the buildings rebuilt in the Open-Air Museum. The museum has launched a traineeship project to digitise this unique collection of photographs, making it accessible to the wider public over the course of time.

An appointment must be made to visit the documentation centre, please call +32 11 26 53 00 for more information.